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The Weight Calculator is a free, convenient calculator offered by Continental Steel and & Tube to help you figure out the weight of different metal shapes. All of the measurements are in inches and pounds. Contact us today.

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  • Conversions

    Inches to Milimeter

    Millimeters =

    Milimeter to Inches

    Inches =

    Pounds to Kilograms

    Kilograms =

    Kilograms to Pounds

    Pounds =

    Metric Tons to Pounds

    Pounds =

    Metric Tons to Tons

    Tons =

    Fahrenheit to Celcius

    Celcius =

    Celcius to Fahrenheit

    Fahrenheit =

    FT/LBS to Joules

    Joules =

    Joules to FT/LBS

    FT/LBS =

    MPA to PSI

    PSI =

    MPA to KSI

    KSI =

    PSI to MPA

    MPA =

    KSI to MPA

    MPA =

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  • Miscellaneous

    Carbon Equivalency Formula

    Carbon Equiv =

    PCM Formula

    PcM =

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